Rolling Stock

The maintenance of rolling stock is a full time operation, to ensure it continues to operate at peak operational efficiency.

Repairing leaking roofs and bellows in order to return the rolling stock into active service can prove to be very labour intensive and expensive and the optimum solution is therefore to prevent water ingress in the first place.

FlexiStop is a cost effective solution requiring no specialist equipment or training as it can simply be painted on during routine maintenance which results in the minimum disruption and downtime during application.

Once applied, it provides a tough weatherproof barrier which is highly resistant to sunlight, will not go brittle, and protects the surface for 25 years.

Bellows Repair

In the example below, the "bellows" connecting two railway carriages, made of a very heavy fabric, has been torn.

Rather than replacing it, it has been repaired using a coat of FlexiStop applied below and on top of a non-woven polyester fleece. This will now allow the bellows to expand and contract, like an accordion, many thousands of times on each and every train journey. FlexiStop remains supple and flexible throughout!

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