It's not just paint for your property, it's "protection", it's a long-lasting liquid silicone, it's a waterproofing breathable exterior coating!

MultiShield WeatherStop is an advanced liquid silicone exterior coating that is far superior to ordinary masonry paint. Along with the decorative aspect, our coatings are maintenance free. Eliminate the effects of wind chill, cold bridging, penetrating dampness and condensation.

MultiShield WeatherStop is an advanced wall coating that will end the need for expensive, repetitive and inconvenient exterior wall painting and maintenance by completely protecting your exterior walls whatever the type of surface. It can be applied to any prepared surface including Pebbledash, Roughcast, Plaster, Render and previously painted surfaces.

MultiShield WeatherStop resists the cold and heat, prevents penetrating damp but allows walls to breathe. It is particularly effective against salt sea winds, acid rain and corrosive pollution. MultiShield WeatherStop will enhance the look of any buildings by transforming the appearance and can be supplied in any colour specified by the customer where sufficient quantities are required. Call us for further information.

Your house is probably the largest single investment you will ever make, so it makes sense that you should protect it and its value.

One of the main aspects of protection is the exterior walls, they are continuously attacked by the elements and paint becomes flaky and porous with age and as a result create the ideal conditions to promote the growth of moss and algae.

This unwanted growth not only damages the surface of the walls over a period of time but also results in a shabby appearance. WeatherStop prevents any such fungal growth, greatly enhancing the long-term appearance and value of your property.

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