MultiShield offers a range of protective coating solutions including FlexiStop, a liquid, silicone based polymer which provides an inexpensive means of preventing water leaks in residential, commercial, agricultural and industrial buildings. It also protects caravans, mobile homes, rolling stock carriage roofs, and bellows.

Water ingress can prove to be very costly, causing extensive damage to structures and their contents. If a leak does occur, the damage can often go unnoticed for a significant length of time during which water continues to penetrate, often destroying the structure beneath it. Disruption caused to production or business may be many times the cost of the actual structural damage. It is essential to protect against water ingress and the risk of damage to buildings and rolling stock.

It is common for water to travel a long way before a leak becomes visible and as a result it is difficult to locate the exact point at which the leak has occurred: that tiny irritating drip, drip may a sign that serious damage and expense lies ahead. Ignore it at your peril!


WeatherStop is a silicone based sealant with approximately the same viscosity as wood varnish. It will prevent water penetrating porous brick or concrete structures and will also protect timbers such as fences, outdoor furniture, cladding, etc for a minimum guaranteed period of 25 years.

It is applied by brush, roller or airless spray gun. WeatherStop can be diluted using white spirits which will allow for greater coverage and also permits the product to "soak" into the substrate where there are concerns that abrasion may compromise the seal, such as when used in protecting public seating.

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