GraffStop is a revolutionary anti-graffiti coating system which is the most cost effective way to protect against graffiti and ensure that every surface remains in pristine condition throughout its lifetime.

Graffiti removal has traditionally been very labour intensive, costing businesses and the rail industry many millions of Euro over the years through the use of chemicals and abrasion to achieve a passable result. But now there is no longer a need for the use of hazardous chemicals and specialist equipment to clear unsightly graffiti.

Developed by our in-house R & D department, the GraffStop range is completely unlike any other system on the market and our unique formulation allows it to deliver real results. A single-pack polymer, it can easily be applied by spray, brush or roller to porous and non-porous surfaces allowing graffiti to be simply and quickly washed away with nothing more than tap water.

GraffStop is a self-healing, environmental solution which will leave any surface completely vandal proof, year after year, lowering maintenance costs and removing the need for specialist equipment and training. In addition, because it can be colour matched to suit any corporate identity, it provides a long term solution for any surface.

The GraffStop range meets BS 6853 Measurement of smoke density, BS 4756/7 Surface spread of flame and BS 6853 Toxicity fume test and therefore is suitable for application on numerous environments and materials including stainless steel, pre-painted surfaces, brick, stone, concrete and wood. It also meets all London Underground and Network Rail standards making it the perfect solution for the rail industry in the fight against graffiti.

Above: Blackpool's new Sea Wall being treated with GraffStop after unsightly offensive graffiti has been removed by Garrandale personnel.

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