Damaged glass can now be restored to new with GraffStop Crystal Film Protect, an anti-graffiti coating film which is approved for use in the rail industry.

Graffiti is a depressing and expensive reality for the railway industry and vandals will strike wherever there is temptation, making railway carriages an ideal target. Etched graffiti on carriage windows not only causes millions of pounds of damage each year, but it also has a negative impact on the corporate image of the train operator – it is therefore essential for it to be removed as quickly as possible.

Train operators cannot afford to take carriages out of service to remove graffiti and replace/repair windows which have been damaged by vandals, so safeguarding your assets from the destruction of vandals is a top priority in order to keep rolling stock operating at peak efficiency.

So, while Garrandale cannot put a stop to railway graffiti, our R & D Department has developed a cost effective solution that will return damaged glass to its original clarity.

GraffStop Crystal Film Protect(CFP) is designed to minimise vandalism by helping to protect glass from permanent damage, providing a long lasting solution to glass vandalism, preventing unsightly damage and saving the substantial costs of replacing carriage windows. Our highly skilled engineers simply polish out any damage to the glass and apply a special film to the scratched glass, returning it to its original clarity. Installation is quick and simple with no mess and the film is designed to fit perfectly, with no rolls, creases or bubbles. It is available in a variety of thicknesses and shades to suit every carriage window.

These high quality anti-graffiti films create a tough and protective layer for the glass and, because it is specially formulated with an incredibly smooth finish, most spray paints and pens can easily be removed with the use of basic cleaning materials.

In the event of heavy graffiti or vandalism, such as scratches or acid etching, the films special coating allows it to be easily removed and replaced without the cost or disruption of replacing an entire window.

GraffStop Crystal Film Protect is an effective weapon in the fight against railway vandalism, providing a versatile solution which will ensure that your rolling stock continues to operate at peak efficiency.

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