Accuracy is the key for Nikon Metrology

Garrandale has manufactured a number of high accuracy fabrications for use by Nikon Metrology in their Coordinate Measurement Machines.

The Nikon Metrology range of Coordinate Measuring Machines represent the ultimate in CMM technology and carry a heritage of over 45 years of experience and expertise. Designed and manufactured using only the highest quality materials they deliver the ability to perform dimensional, positional and surface measurement in a single system.

The machines for which the fabrications were supplied by Garrandale are used in the manufacturing and assembly process to test a part or assembly against the original design. By precisely recording the X, Y and Z co-ordinates of the object, readings can be taken in a mathematical form to measure the physical geometrical characteristics and ensure that each object displays identical characteristics.

Paul Woollands of Garrandale commented “Nikon Metrology’s CMMs have the ability to measure everything from an aeroplane fan blade to vehicles. Every machine is supplied to the customer with a guarantee of accuracy for a period of ten years and our ability to provide high accuracy fabrications for use within the CMMs was a key requirement for this project.”

Working closely with Nikon Metrology, Garrandale supplied a number of different bespoke fabrications for use in the manufacture of both the bridge and gantry of the CMMs.

Paul continues: “The CMMs are used for everything from small to large scale metrology applications and are designed to meet the needs of a variety of manufacturers to boost productivity and provide a clear and efficient understanding of product conformance.

“Garrandale’s reputation as being at the forefront of engineering technology and our ability to provide bespoke, innovative solutions meant that we were able to meet the precise requirements of Nikon Metrology and provide a cost effective solution.”

As a specialist in precision fabrication, Garrandale completed the project at their own facility where each component was custom built to meet the specific requirements of Nikon Metrology. The purpose built factory in Derby specialises in the fabrication of stainless and mild steel and houses welding, fabrication, heat treatment and machining equipment as well as a full assembly facility all under one roof, offering customers a unique solution to all of their precision engineering requirements.