Garrandale Partners Abellio Greater Anglia

Garrandale Rail has commenced work on a project that will see three of Abellio Greater Anglia’s maintenance depots equipped with the latest CET equipment by the end of 2014. This will involve MkIII rolling stock being retrofitted with CET holding tanks and new toilets, and with similar work being undertaken for the Class 321 fleet, in addition to improvements to the infrastructure required for the emptying of tanks at maintenance depots where the trains are berthed.

The rail industry has made significant progress since 2001 in rolling out vehicles with retention tanks, with a halving in the number of trains which discharge waste to the tracks.

Last year, Abellio Greater Anglia – who operate train services in the East of England – began working closely with Garrandale to come up with a solution at its Norwich, Orient Way (in East London) and Southend Victoria depots, working within strict environmental guidelines. The resulting work involves Garrandale manufacturing and installing CET extraction systems that will discharge the waste to local sewers in an environmentally responsible way. Garrandale will also be responsible for the maintenance of all of the equipment installed.

Garrandale understands that safe, hygienic and efficient emptying of CETs is essential, which is why a complete design and installation service is offered to meet the requirements of each individual depot. The CET systems for Abellio Greater Anglia have been manufactured to ensure maximum functionality and reliability with minimum environmental impact. The designs have taken into account the varying climates the system will be subject to and incorporate unique solutions to support the pipework, cope with expansion and contraction and reduce installation time on site.

Garrandale is also expert in the mixing of Rinse Water, Tanking Water and Potable Water in one area, which calls for experience and understanding of the water regulations, in order to reduce risks to health from cross contamination and backflow. Abellio Greater Anglia’s depots will also have installed Garrandale’s unique and innovative solutions to address the issue of tripping hazards on CET servicing aprons caused by hoses lying on the ground, ranging from simple hooks to the Suspended Hose System.

Garrandale is already responsible for the maintenance at more than 60 depots across the UK and Ireland, offering a full range of depot equipment maintenance from carriage wash and CET to depot plant equipment and emergency call out services. Examples of the services offered include the maintenance of both manual and automatic CET systems; lubrication and cooling systems; tanking water points and refuelling centres.